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I’m glad you’re here and hope you’ll be able to linger awhile. As a teacher for over thirty years, I spent each day surrounded by young children and good books. I loved to meet authors and hear their stories, but it wasn’t until I retired that I began to seriously write myself. I guess you could call me a late bloomer. Writing has opened a new world of relationships, learning and adventure that I found I love. So be my guest. Come on in!



Photo by Mary Ann Noe

Looking for an inspiring adventure?

Step aboard as my husband, Gene, and I paddle the tandem kayak we built from the Headwaters of the mighty Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico. Experience the moods and magnetism of America’s greatest waterway and the kindness and generosity of folks who live alongside it. Pause with us to volunteer with charitable organizations in quaint river towns and be inspired by passionate people from all walks of life who give their time and effort to support and encourage others.

All of the author profits from the sale of this book are donated annually to the charities we served on the trip. You can find more information about this memoir, including photo galleries and an interactive map of our journey at www.paddleforapurpose.net.

Some Exciting News

Poetry Chapbook Coming Soon

Mississippi Meanderings

I was delighted to learn that my collection of 30 river poems received first place in Local Gems’ 2021 NaPoWriMo Poetry Chapbook Contest. Mississippi Meanderings will be published in 2022 by Local Gems Press. Stay tuned for details!

The poems in this collection are musings about our experiences as we traveled down the “Big Muddy” and the Tenn/Tom Waterway from Itasca, Minnesota to Mobile, Alabama. You’ll be awed by river wildlife and sand island sunsets, fascinated by mammoth barges and pearl button factories, and entertained with poems of mishap and moonshine.

Come along! Enjoy the journey!

Follow Our Next Adventure

After paddling the Mississippi, Gene and I temporarily traded our paddles for pedals and reignited our love of bicycling. The past seven summers, we’ve biked in the Great Cycle Challenge to help support the Childrens’ Cancer Research Fund. This spring, we’re leaving Key West to ride our bikes up the East Coast Greenway Trail to Calais, Maine. We’ll post about our trip at https://fb.me/2OldFolksOnBikes. Considering our user name above, we plan to take our time: meeting people, seeing the sights, and collecting lots of story and poem ideas along the way.


  • Thursday, September 8, 2022 – Paddle for a Purpose Presentation to the Price County Retired Educators’ Association, followed by a chance for members of the group to try out our tandem kayak, Kupendana, on a nearby lake.

If you’re interested in a presentation or book club appearance, in person or on Zoom, please fill out the contact form found in the page links above or click here to go right to the form. I’d love to meet you!

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