About Me

Things I Love

I’ve been a midwest gal all my life and, for the most part, have enjoyed the beauty and fun of our varied seasons. I spent warm days outside, camping and playing on bikes and boats. In the cooler months, I dressed in green and gold to cheer on the Pack and frolicked in the abundant snow. While I still celebrate the beauty of the first snowfall, winter’s thrill is now short-lived, increasing my joy at spring’s return.

Sledding with my brothers, David and Harold.
Tubing with Gene, a few decades later.
Aaah! Freedom of the open road!
As my dad often said, “Every day’s a good day on the water.”
Okay, maybe we’re a little crazy for the Packers.
Go, Pack, Go!
I’m the one on the right, as seen through the eyes of a child.

Best Job Ever

I loved many things about my career as a teacher. Among the greatest were spending my days surrounded by enthusiastic young children with curious minds, nurturing their love of learning with good books, and participating together in a cross-cultural partnership with teachers and students from across the globe.

Teaching with my partner school colleague, Lynette, at Mbauro Primary School in Wundanyi, Kenya.

Retired and Keeping Busy

Retirement offers me the gift of time to do the things I’ve always enjoyed and to pursue my dream of writing, too. I get to stay active, venture out into nature, and hang out with friends, family and lots of interesting people who like to write. I also enjoy playing my flute, reading, meeting new friends and volunteering in my church and community.

Gene and I paddled the tandem wooden kayak we built on a five-month service journey down the Mississippi River.
Riding to support fine arts in Milwaukee at the Miller Ride for the Arts.
Our own “tiny house”
I love all kinds of art, but think the best pictures are the ones created with God’s paintbrush.
“Nature is loved by what is best in us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson