Memoir: Paddle for a Purpose, eLectio Pubishing, 2018

“You want to what?” I ask, when my husband suggests we kayak the entire Mississippi River – just moments after trying out our newly-built kayak on a quiet lake near our Wisconsin home. My reluctance turns to eager anticipation after we receive a nudge to put service with the adventure, and a purpose for our journey is born. Paddle for a Purpose is the story of faith and discovery along America’s greatest waterway. Against a backdrop of picturesque settings and the river’s changing moods, exciting and often humorous accounts of adventure and mishap intermingle with inspiring stories of healing, renewal, beauty, compassion and trust in God.

All of the author profits from the sale of this book are donated annually to the charities we served on the trip. You can find more information about this memoir, including photo galleries and an interactive map of our journey at

Paddle for a Purpose captures the old-fashioned spirit of pioneer explorers and marries it with a modern sense of today’s world. It boasts of stunning descriptions of the Mississippi River’s natural beauty and a yearning to get back to basics, to imagine and dare to live a dream bolstered with little more than faith and a stretch of audacity.”

Excerpt from Authors Reading review

“Geiger’s prose is bright and light-hearted but also filled with kindness and affirmations of putting your trust in God and doing good deeds for others. I particularly enjoyed the expansion aspect of the book, which is an interactive feature where you can view a Google Map of the journey itself, complete with gorgeous photographs from the journey.”

Excerpt from Readers’ Favorite review

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